Spring 2014

Every Spring brings forth new beginnings and at Best Music Academy, Ltd., we have many new beginnings! Please welcome all of our new staff and faculty, new enrolled families, and new (and more convenient!) location.

Our goal at Best Music Academy is to create a family oriented
environment in which both children and adults feel a sense of comfort
while learning how to play a musical instrument.

Our Vision

Best Music Academy was founded with the vision of inspiring all enrolled students to create and perform music with passion. We believe no one should live without music and creating a safe and welcoming musical environment for every student will only expand the possibilities of creativity.

Our History

Beginning with only a handful of students and families who understood the importance of music education, BMA quickly grew to a larger school of multiple instrumental disciplines within a few short weeks of Opening Day. Currently located in the Causeway Bay area, the faculty of BMA anxiously awaits the continued growth of our academy’s family!